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Let's get straight to the point...

Having stomach fat makes you feel terrible about yourself. No matter how much you exercise, no matter what you eat... no matter what you do to lose stomach fat, your waistline continues to look back at you in the mirror and mock you.

Every time you turn on the television or read a magazine, you see somebody promoting the latest and greatest way to lose a few pounds.

First, they claimed that it was the FAT that made you fat. Then, they claimed it was the carbs. Now they're claiming that it's all in the genes and you can take special magic pills that will help you to lose stomach fat.

. .. but it's ALL untrue!

When you follow any of the fad diets that come out from time to time, you actually do your body harm. Here's what happens:

If you cut down on your calories, yes, you'll lose weight in the short-run. But within days of a decrease in caloric intake, your body starts to adjust. Because you've been *starving* yourself, your body reacts by storing calories as fat!

This is one of the reasons why fad diets seem to work at first but then fall out existence. They just aren't HEALTHY!

I used to really like the show "The Biggest Loser." It's such a fantasy... I would love to have fitness experts around me all the time encouraging me to work out harder. It'd be really nice if we could all vacation to a remote place where we were all focused on getting into shape...

...but of course, we are living in the real world, and our schedules are incredibly busy. We grab something on the go, we cut corners every once in a while, we overeat on special occasions, and it all adds up.

As a result, you are already much more unhealthy than you currently realize. If you are overweight at all, then you've got health problems building up that will get serious down the road.

But there's something you can do...

I've discovered THREE things that make a *huge* difference in your attempts to lose stomach fat.

And I can GUARANTEE that you haven't heard of all three.

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